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Excyte 40



Accu-Sed® Plus is a bi-level control for use in monitoring the performance of erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) procedures. Accu-Sed Plus monitors factors that can cause variability in ESR results including technique, time, and temperature. Accu-Sed Plus is designed for use on Excyte® automated ESR testing systems.


• Handled in the exact same manner as patient samples
• No removal of diluent from pre-filled test systems is required
• 31 day open vial stability
• 15 month shelf life from date of manufacture
• Free data analysis and peer group comparison studies
• Expert product and technical support
• ELITechGroup ESR QC Program provides monthly or quarterly evaluations of ESR
• 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Accu-Sed Plus QC Program

Provides monthly reports to assist in routine record-keeping, and to evaluate the performance of your ESR system by comparing your results to those of other laboratories using Accu-Sed Plus, at no additional cost.


Contact us at ELITechGroup and ask for the Telesales Representative for your area. Your Telesales Rep will work with your distributor and your laboratory to get you Accu-Sed Plus ESR Control..

Product   Part # Packaging
Normal Accu-Sed Plus ESR Control Kit   DS-71002 5 vials x 8.5 ml
Abnormal Accu-Sed Plus ESR Control Kit DS-71003 5 vials x 8.5 ml
Accu-Sed Plus ESR Control Kit    DS-71005A 5 vials x 8.5 ml normal
    5 vials x 8.5 ml abnormal