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Eon 300 Chemistry System


Reagent Handling

Tray Capacity
The reagent tray has 49 positions, making it possible to run multiple Medicare panels simultaneously.

Cooled Reagent Tray
Onboard cooling and storage ensures reagent stability, which increases reliability of results and saves you time by allowing you to leave reagents onboard.

Positive Reagent Identification
The reagent chamber contains an infrared barcode scanner capable of scanning Eon 300 barcoded reagents, automatically recognizing reagent position and eliminating reagent position mix-ups.

Reagent Inventory Monitoring
Reagent inventory monitoring enables the operator to track the volume of reagent on-board.

Sample Handling

Sample Tray
The Eon 300 sample tray has 59 positions available for patient samples, calibrators and controls. The software is optimized to allow for continuous loading of primary tubes or sample cups, providing for greater testing flexibility.

Liquid Level Detection
Liquid sensor detection prevents reporting of invalid results due to insufficient samples, ensuring accurate results.

Positive Sample Identification
The sample chamber contains a laser barcode scanner capable of scanning your patient barcodes. This eliminates the need to manually enter patient information and reduces the risk of sample errors that can cost you time and money.

Cuvette & Wash System

Reusable Cuvettes
The Eon 300 contains 80 reusable cuvettes that are constructed of durable optical plastic. The cuvettes are washed on-board and will last for thousands of cycles. An automatic optics check ensures cuvettes are ready for use.

Increased Walk-Away Time
The reusable cuvettes also provide your lab longer walk-away time than a system using disposable cuvettes, eliminating the need to reload cuvettes on a regular basis.

ISE System

Integrated ISE
The Eon 300 utilizes a proven ISE (Ion Selective Electrode) for Na+, K+, Cl-, providing fast, reliable results and eliminating the need to split samples.

Automatic Calibration
The ISE automatically calibrates every eight hours, without operator involvement.

Reagent Pack
The ISE reagent pack is a self-contained box with a chip that automatically transmits the lot number and expiration date, eliminating manual entry and ensuring product quality.